Experts in key programming techs


15+ developers, 15+ implemented PHP projects.


10+ front-end & full-stack devs skilled in  React.js
, and 10+ more JS tools.


3+ developers, 5+ successful Python projects.


3+ developers, 15+ implemented WordPress projects.


3+ developers, key projects include Viber for Flutter.

C++ & Qt

3+ developers, 70% of them with 3+ years of experience.

Experts to complete a software development cycle

IT Consulting

3+ consultants with 5–7 years of experience on average

Database Architecture

4+ architects skilled in SQL, MYSQL, NoSQL, and cloud databases.

Project Management

1+ PMs with 5–8 years of experience on average.

UX and UI

3+ conversion-driven UX experts and UI designers.


2+ QA experts & 10+ testing automation engineers.


2+ DevOps engineers with experience in 5+ CI/CD tools.


4+ cybersecurity engineers, 30+ successful projects.


30+ L1–L3 specialists, 25% of them provide
24/7 services.

Experts in advanced techs

Block Chain

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