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Etsy SEO Service as VA

Our Etsy services ensure your Etsy shop appears in the search results by reaching your audience and optimizing your stores to increase sales. Our Etsy virtual assistant understands the world of Etsy and helps you professionally and efficiently. They do everything needed to set up your Etsy business and maximize your chances for success. From planning & administering your Etsy business to paying taxes, managing finances, and hiring employees for your Etsy shop. With the help of our Etsy SEO service, you can make progress and establish your Etsy shop.

Account Configuration

Setting up, maintaining, and configuration of your account to start selling on Etsy, a marketplace of huge customers seeking unique items.

Market Analysis

Conduction of in-depth, product-specific keyword research after thoroughly analyzing your market and target audience to find out what customers are looking for on Etsy.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzation of every listing in your Etsy store and research the competitors that sell similar products to make it easier for you to plan what to sell and what is popular amongst customers.

Listing Optimization

Optimization of all the titles, tags, and descriptions using keywords that customers are looking for to improve the visibility of your shop and products in search engines.

Paid marketing

Paid marketing to increase awareness of your Etsy store and boost views, clicks, and sales of your store.

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service possible to maintain standards and be in compliance with Etsy standards.

Our Best Etsy SEO service includes:

  • Etsy listing optimization
  • Etsy Shop Awareness
  • Optimizing Etsy page
  • Etsy search engine optimization
  • Traffic increasing tactics
  • Etsy shop visibility
  • Ad campaigns to increase sales and profits


Tech Hunt is the best place to hire Etsy virtual assistant because we provide you with a professional virtual assistant that uses technical knowledge and assists you in improving your ranking and online visibility.

Our Etsy experts focus on analyzing your Etsy shop, studying your products, understanding the market, and inspecting your competitors to apply strategies that boost your rankings and traffic to earn more sales and profit.

We will advertise your shop by creating engaging and effective posting of your products on numerous social media sites to spread the word about your product among a large audience to attract more customers. It will generate quality traffic and more engagement.

Etsy is the best marketplace for beginners to start selling because it’s simple to set up and maintain an account on Etsy. Etsy can be a fantastic choice for people looking to quickly sell their products online.